About a Company:

   The DSC company offers you the textile casing under the trade mark Yasiona for using in the production of sausages, cheese and by-products from meat.ск  Our company has been working on the Ukrainian market since 2005 and has established as a reliable and responsible manufacturer.

The company has mastered the production of textile sausage casings in 2015. The whole cycle of works takes place in our production from manufacturing special fabric to the release of the finished product. We are fully responsible for the quality of the textile sausage casing . The DSC company got all the necessary certificates and the permission of the state bodies of Ukraine to use the textile sausage casings in the food industry. At present, our company is being tested and certified for compliance with the textile sausage casing of EU directives and the regulations for the certificate of conformity. We look forward to working with European and Global companies to promote our products to the Global and European Common Markets.

Our company makes textile sausage casing based on customer demands. The casing can be different color and size, with the inner or outer seam. The casing provides the penetration to the product during smoking. Also we offer unique design, decorative trim twine, a 3-D drawing of living, imitation sausage grid, figured casing. You can see the logo outside of the casing. It can be provided the spices into the sausage casings. Textile sausage casing used in the manufacture of cooked, cooked and smoked, jerked, fresh smoked sausage, dried, black pudding, ham, rolls, “Zulce”- head chease and brown,  pies sausages and other meat products.

Our company offers a great variety of textile sausage casings:

1. Casing with an impermeable coating. 2. Casing based on artificial silk and cotton. 3. Casing are covered with collagen.

We produce different degrees of permeability membranes — impermeable, semi-permeable and permeable.

We also offer a wide range of forms produced by the casing — from the standard «sleeves», «bags» and «loaves» to the non-standard orders in the form of animals or cartoon characters.зельц-и-пузыри-2

«Sleeves» have diameters of 50, 55, 65, 75, 92, 120 mm. It is also possible to make the sleeve diameter 156 mm.

«Loaves» made long times 5 cm to 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 cm.

You also need to paint specifications. Textile sausage casing color varies from ___ to ____.

The seam on the product can be both internal and external. The surface of the textile sausage packaging can be matte or glossy. We create order individually for each client, taking into account all the wishes and requirements of the client. Having our own production and many years of experience, we can offer you exactly the sausage casing that ensures your product recognizable appearance and high quality.